BABY BLUES: Symptoms tend to be milder and last for a few days or weeks and include sadness, crying, feeling inadequate, overwhelmed and exhausted.

POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY:Postpartum depression involves symptoms that may be more intense and longer lasting than the baby blues and include sadness, anxiety, inability to cope, hopelessness, feelings of being trapped, fear of hurting yourself or your baby, excessive concern or lack of concern for your baby, withdrawal from family and friends, inability to sleep even when the baby does and significant weight loss or gain.

With adequate support and intervention, postpartum depression and anxiety can be resolved quickly.  Connect with quality resources as soon as possible.

Resources for Postpartum Adjustment:

Recommended San Francisco East Bay Area Therapists:

Books: There are good books on Postpartum Depression, especially by Dr. Shoshana Bennett