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Lactation Cookies: If you are nursing or pumping 8-12+ times in 24 hours, then foods you eat can help increase milk production, like lactation cookies!

  • wendyEllen Cochran is a birth doula and belly dancing instructor, and she makes amazing cookies!
  • Belly Belly in Australia has good information and recipes if you want to make your own

For referrals to amazing, local health & wellness providers (chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, massage therapist, naturopathic doctor, osteopathic doctor homeopathy practitioner, doula, midwife, etc.), please contact me!

Bodywork for Infants:

Gentle Bodywork for Baby (Chiropractic Session with One-Week Old):

Baby Ellis is 8 days old. His mother noticed that he would not turn his head to the left, making it difficult to nurse from her right breast. After one adjustment, he turns his head easily in either direction :0) Gabaldon Chiropractic407-288-3621

Posted by Cynthia Gabaldon DC on Monday, July 20, 2015

Gentle Bodywork for Baby (Infant Cranio-Sacral Therapy Session):

Gentle Bodywork for Baby from Waltz Family Chiropractic:

Pediatric Chiropractic with Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc:

Good representations of good and poor latches:

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(Semi) Laid Back Breastfeeding

How do Natural Breastfeeding (a.k.a. Laid Back Nursing or Gravity-Assisted) Positions Compare to Others?

Hand Expression/Breast Massage Video (GREAT FOR ENGORGEMENT):

Tummy Time Video (recommendation is 60+ minutes a day, and more if your baby consistently sleeps on his/her back!):

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Post-Frenotomy Tongue Exercises Video (Younger Baby):

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How to use a Nipple Shield:

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Diaper Changing Technique to Reduce Colic:

Watch while you pump (this helps distract you and the cuteness can help increase your oxytocin, the hormone that releases the milk):

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