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Pumping and Hand Expression:

Baby Behaviors and Sleep:


Tongue/Lip Tie Information:

Recommended Books:

Lactation Cookies: If you are nursing or pumping 8-12+ times in 24 hours, then foods you eat can help increase milk production, like lactation cookies!

  • wendyEllen Cochran is a birth doula and belly dancing instructor, and she makes amazing cookies!
  • Belly Belly in Australia has good information and recipes if you want to make your own

For referrals to amazing, local health & wellness providers (chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, massage therapist, naturopathic doctor, osteopathic doctor homeopathy practitioner, doula, midwife, etc.), please contact me!

Bodywork for Infants:

Gentle Bodywork for Baby (Infant Cranio-Sacral Therapy Session):
Gentle Bodywork for Baby from Waltz Family Chiropractic:

Pediatric Chiropractic with Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc:

Good representations of good and poor latches:

How to use a Nipple Shield:

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Laid Back Breastfeeding!

How do Natural Breastfeeding (a.k.a. Laid Back Nursing or Gravity-Assisted) Positions Compare to Others?

Hand Expression/Breast Massage Video (GREAT FOR ENGORGEMENT):

Tummy Time Video (recommendation is 60+ minutes a day, and more if your baby consistently sleeps on his/her back!):

Paced Bottle Feeding Videos:

Post-Frenotomy Tongue Exercises Video (Younger Baby):
Post-Frenotomy Tongue Exercises Video (Older Baby):

Diaper Changing Technique to Reduce Colic:

Watch while you pump (this helps distract you and the cuteness can help increase your oxytocin, the hormone that releases the milk):

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